Public Treasure: Sessions on Heritage Responsibilities of Art and Museum


From the value of the material, the manufacture, to the symbolic value or the speculative one, what certain culture would consider important has found in the experience of art –its making, reception, hoarding – a privileged place of value representation. The notion of heritage —responsibility and creation— resorts to a value economy that essentially targets the nature of the public as such. And if artworks are deposits of value in its most complex cultural and symbolic meaning, the museums acquire the highest heritage responsibility. 

In this crossroads among art, public, heritage and value, we propose a meeting with specialists from different disciplines, both in the field of intellectual creation (sociology, history and philosophy of art, psychoanalysis, etc.) and professional practice (art, cultural management, collecting, etc.).



September Friday 5 – Saturday 6, 2014
Coordinator: Juan Luis Moraza
Artium Basque Center-Museum of Contemporary Art
Speakers: Michael Petry, José Jiménez, Miguel von Hafe Pérez, Jaime Sordo,  Jorge Luis Marzo, Antonio Baños, Juan Luis Moraza, Daniel Castillejo.


Registration: open through Thursday September 4
Registration by online form or by calling 945 20 90 20
Price: 20 €. 10 € Friends of Artium and students
Sessions related to Artium Collection Public Treasure (Economies of Reality), curated by Juan Luis Moraza



About Public Treasure (Economies of Reality)



(These titles set the suggested intervention timeline per each speakers)

Friday September 5 – Treasuring Experience
Moderator: Juan Luis Moraza
16.00 h Guided visit to Public Treasure (Economies of Reality), by its curator Juan Luis Moraza
17.00 h Presentation of the Sessions
Juan Luis Moraza – Sculptor. Professor at the University of Vigo
17.15 h The Value of Art in the Age of Mediation
Michael Petry – Artist. Director of London MOCA
18.15 h Art as Condensation of Value (s)
José Jiménez, Philosopher, former General Director of Fine Arts
19.15 h The Museum as Value System
Miguel von Hafe Pérez, Director of CGAC from Santiago de Compostela
19.30 h The Heritage Responsibility of Collectors
Jaime Sordo – Philosopher
20.00 h Treasuring Experience
Round Table with speakers from the afternoon

Saturday September 6 – The Public as a Treasure
Moderator: Juan Luis Moraza
10.00 h The Public as a Treasure: Responsibility and Transmission
Juan Luis Moraza, Sculptor, Professor at the University of Vigo
11.00 h Notion of Public Policies
Jorge Luis Marzo. Curator, writer
12.00 h The Public Status of a Museum
Daniel Castillejo, Director of Artium
12.15 h The Value of Art in the Post-economy Era
Antonio Baños. Journalist, writer
12.30 h Art as Public Treasure in Contemporary Society
Round Table with speakers from the morning