Artist Carlos Garaicoa to Run July Workshop in Villa Iris, Santander


Cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa will be leading Fundacion Botin’s workshop to take place in Villa Iris, Santander, June 30 – July 11, 2014. This international call is going to be open through April 30.


Garaicoa Manso (Cuba, 1967) who lives and works both in Havana and Madrid, proposes an online workshop focused on urban spaces. With the epigraph Fiction on Reality (Art, Policy and Architecture), the Workshop is set to take Santander city as its playground, in an effort to have the participants approaching the city from a plurality of languages, including photography, video, text, sculpture or any other visual articulation method.


The artist proposes a reflection in which both architecture and city work as a justification to think about reality, existence and art.


Garaicoa uses a multidisciplinary approach to deal with cultural and political issues, through the study of architecture, urbanism and history. Havana city has been his main subject, and his methods include installation, video, photography, sculpture, pop-up books and drawings. He studied thermodynamics and, afterwards, painting at the Higher Art Institute of Havana, between 1989 and 1994.

The director of the workshop is going to select up to fifteen participation among all applications. The applications are to be emailed.

The documentation to be sent includes a text where the applicants express the reasons why they want to participate in the workshop, as ten images on their recent work.

The participants who don’t live in Cantabria are going to be offered accommodation at Colegio Mayor Torres Quevedo, in Santander, and they will be given 455 euros for their personal expenses. This help will be effective once the workshop kicks off and all required data has been provided.

The final decision is going to be announced on May 30, 2014, to the chosen ones through their emails, and the rest will learn it on the website.

The last Workshop organized by Fundación Botín, in 2013, was headed by British artist Tacita Dean.




Source: Fundación Botín