DISPOSITIVOS POST- | S+T+I: Artistic Practices, Networks of Citizen Action in Post-Crisis Contexts


DISPOSITIVOS POST- | S+T+I is a project that features different phases in order to reflect, imagine, debate and propose interventions and collaborations, so as to establish a relation between the social space and creative practices. Approaches to a future beyond the scenery conditioned by the decadence and tensions triggered by the crisis.


The project explores creative practices linked to networks of citizen action, to generate processes and proposals of future transformations, by stating a series of questions to analyze this scenery and create the framework to collectively imagine future options. These questions are debated through a seminar, workshop and a group of interventions in the public space:

What are the interactions between artistic practices and the social space within the contemporary context? Can art actually have an effect on the social sphere? What’s the role to be played by networks of citizen action in terms of future policies? What are their margins and /or limits to get their demands solved? In times when the citizens are immersed in emancipation processes, what’s the role to be played by culture / artistic practices, from the perspective of reactivation of social space? How can the creativity be channeled in the construction processes of the city? What happens when art wants to be useful? Is there an abuse of these sorts of practices? ¿Negligence, passivity, decadence, impotence, programed dismantling of public institutions? Is it necessary to reconstruct the institutional? What’s the role to be played by creative projects within a context of crisis of models? Are the artistic practices necessary in future contemporary societies? What’s the role of cultural institutions in a brand-new paradigm headed by a mobilized citizenship?


- 01.18.2014 | 18:00h LECTURE
Place: Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Aragó 255, 08007 Barcelona


- 01.24-25. 2014 | SEMINAR
Place: Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Aragó 255, 08007 Barcelona
01.24.2014 |17:00h – 20:00h
- Presentations and debate:   Jeanne van Heeswijk [Amsterdam] | Tania Ragasol [Mexico FD] | Peter Westenberg [Brussels]

- 01.25.2014 | 10:00h – 12:00h
- Presentations and debate: Joan Subirats [Barcelona] | Marco Stathopoulos [Paris] | Ana Méndez de Andés [Madrid]
12:30h – 14:30h

- Exchange tables and presentation of projects: Dédale [Paris] | Prostoroz [Ljubljana] | Expeditio [Kotor] | Transforma [Torres Vedras] | Idensitat [Barcelona] | Waag Society [Amsterdam] | PACT [Brussels] | Recreant Cruïlles [Barcelona] and the artists that participate in the interventions of DISPOSITIUS POST- public space.

15:00h – 17:00h Comida popular en el espacio de Germanetes, Consell de Cent and Viladomat.
17:00 – 19:00h Commented visit to the intervention projects in the public space.



- 01.25.2014- 02.02.2014 | INTERVENTIONS IN THE PUBLIC SPACE
Place: Germanetes, between Consell de Cent and Viladomat.


Maria Anwander [Berlin] | Catie de Balmann [Paris] | Olaia Sendón [Corunna] |Álvaro Muñoz Ledo [Barcelona] | Proyecto Atlas (Constanza Jarpa, Juan Pablo Martínez, Miquel García, Juan Arturo Piedrahita and Isadora Willson) [Barcelona] | Raons Públiques [Barcelona] | Laia Solé [New York] | Grup DIX-POSITIVOS [Barcelona] | Gian Luca Cresciani [Rome].


Activities open to the public, previous registration required.