"Girls Just Want To Have Fun" Show Wins Public Award in 2014 a3bandas


After the recount of over 1,200 ballots for a3bandas’ Public Award, the exhibition "Girls Just Want To Have Fun", curated by Mónica Álvarez Careaga at Madrid’s ASTARTÉ gallery, stands as the best rated show.

"Girls Just Want To Have Fun" gather a small group of artists (women and men) whose work show "high ludic density". From the pleasure of the technical construction of the artwork (collages, printings and other manual and repetitive graphic procedures), to the visual delight of a hybrid, dynamic, urgent painting... Heterogeneous resources for works that highlight creative processes and visual elements.

The display, open through Saturday May 31, includes works of art created by artists Álvaro González, Catarina Branco, Michael Swaney, Nuria Mora, Laura López Balza and Arancha Goyeneche.

As a prize, Absolut is going to acquire a 3,000-euro artwork for its collection. On the other hand, one of the ballots for the Award has been handpicked and the winner is going to be given 1,000 euros to buy a work in any of the participating galleries.