Nadala at the Fundació Joan Miró


The Fundació Joan Miró presents the Nadala 2014 Fina, siembra, que otros ya recogerán, an installation of Fina Miralles.


Fina Miralles reflects on the own vital renewal of the winter solstice. The intervention will be open from November 27th, 2014 to January 11th, 2015 at the entrance of the Fundació Joan Miró.

The Nadala of the Fundació Joan Miró is a project that links local artists with the celebrations of the end of the year. Since 2007, the Fundació hosts an installation specifically created by an artist who interprets some of the specific issues of these parties.


In previous editions, the spaces of the Fundació have submitted proposals by Perejaume, Ignasi Aballí, Tere Recarens, Antoni Llena, Fernando Prats, Jaume Pitarch and Eulalia Valldosera.


In Fina, siembra, que otros ya recogerán Miralles relates the symbolism of the crib with the winter solstice and the annual cycle of regeneration. From a wilderness setting borns a miraculous child, just as from the apparent inaction of winter a burst of life in spring emerges.


With regard to this intervention, Fina Miralles writes: "Our roots are the ground. Rather, the culture of the land, the culture of cereal. We come from the beginning of agriculture, Egyptians or perhaps farther in time, the ancient world, stone, Neolithic, when man established the intimate and magical bond of relationship with nature through the first cultural act of transformation that surrounds us. Thus, human action and spontaneous action are intimately linked. In the same way that art and life are united in my practice."


Fina Miralles (Sabadell, 1950) had an important role in the Catalan conceptual art that emerged strongly in the seventies of the last century. She also participated in the creation of the Espai 10, the current Espai 13 at the Fundació Joan Miró, at the end of the decade. From the eighties, she left the performances, installations and artist books to turn sharply to the painting as landscape to explore what she calls "the invisible / visible". She lives in Cadaqués since 1999 by her own choice, apart from the art scene. From her refuge, Miralles is still active and faithful to her daily dialogue with the earth, the sea and the rhythms of nature.