Silvio´s photographs exhibit at the French Alliance


The Poet arrived just in time to the appointment. He did not bring his guitar. Although he would not sing, many came to meet him last Thursday evening at the Sartre headquarters of Havana´s French Alliance, where he inaugurated his photo exhibition Imágenes de barrios (Neighborhoods images).


“I am fortunate to have a camera and very interesting scenarios. Having the device allows me to take good pictures in them. I have been lucky for being at very beautiful places and circumstances, for having lived dramatic and terrible moments. These images are based on this”.


With these words, Cuban outstanding troubadour Silvio Rodríguez opened the exhibition consisting of 21 snapshots taken by him during his tour around Cuban neighborhoods.


Later on, he thanked the French Alliance in Havana, a prestigious worldwide institution, for inviting him to exhibit some of his photographs.


The images speak of the artist´s sensitivity, of the details that touch him of this deep Cuba he dives in. On September 9, 2010, in Havana´s neighborhood La Corbata, Silvio offered the first one of his endless concerts in humble places, far from the cultural centers, some of them having complex social problems.


In his photo exhibition, Silvio perpetuates every image that goes from the family that, carrying a Cuban flag, listens to him on the roof of a building, up to his brother Santiaguito Feliú.


There were tears of excitement that evening at the French Alliance. People wanted to first see the Poet, to greet him. He is being besieged. In the meantime, just a few steps from him, a kid whispered: La gota de rocío, del cielo se cayó… This song theme is part of the child repertoire. This same child, with only five months old, heard it during a blackout. It was September 9, 2012, when the country ran out of electricity from Camagüey up to Pinar del Río, and the Cuban troubadour illuminated with his song the town of Alamar.


Imágenes de barrios will stay open until January 20, 2015, at the L´escalier de l´Art room of the Sartre headquarters, located in the corner of J & 15 streets, Vedado district.


Source: Cubarte