Ileana Sanchez Hing and her new artistic contribution to Camaguey


By Yolanda Ferrera Sosa



The Gallery-Workshop of the Camaguey visual artist Ileana Sánchez Hing, recently joined the Galleries System of Camaguey Council of Fine Arts, in what is a priority for the sake of exhibition and sale of works.


Known as "El Gato Azul", the space can be found nearby  the Square of San Juan de Dios - national monument -designed and conceived for its beautiful feature within the neighborhood where it lies, which will benefit from the contribution of Ileana to raise the artistic appreciation of its inhabitants.


Ileana Sanchez Hing is part of the territory artistic avant-garde and joined the ranks of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba for 25 years. She has captured-first from her position as an art instructor and then as an excellent cultivator of the Art-Naif- the site of prominence in the world of Cuban art.


In her gallery-workshop she will teach creative arts lessons for children living in the area and will contribute to the decoration of the environment, with the help of neighbors, a practice which several public spaces in the city of Camaguey know about.


Source: Cultural Portal Prince

Photo: Juventud Rebelde Digital