“Paper Takes All Ink”. Comprehensive Perspective on Spanish Contemporary Art at Espacio de Arte Nazca


The paper, as a platform for visual work, features a texture that has always fascinated artists. From the diverse techniques of engraving, drawing and serial graphic work to original oil paintings, acrylics or watercolor, the paper has played a leading role in the artistic creation of all times.


This display shows a collection of artworks on paper created by internationally acclaimed artists. The works come from a private collection and this is the first time it’s publically showcased.


20 signatures, benchmarks in the world of visual arts, come together in this exhibition to deliver a comprehensive approach to Spanish contemporary art: Eva Armisen, Miguel Angel Arrudi, Samuel Aznar, Natalio Bayo, José Beulas, José Manuel Broto, Antonio Castillo Meler, Pepe Cerdá, Julia Dorado, Isidro Ferrer, Jorge Gay, Abraham Lacalle, Victor Mira, Andrés Navarro, Otelo Chueca, Carmelo Rebullida, Antonio Saura, Juan José Vera, Nelson Villalobos and Philip West.



The opening is set for April 3.



EDAN. Espacio de Arte Nazca. Francisco Vitoria 6. Zaragoza. Telephone: 976 906013

EDAN. Espacio de Arte Nazca. Francisco Vitoria 6. Zaragoza. Teléfono: 976 906013