A new exhibition space opens in Madrid: S.A



Through a coherent and representative selection of Spanish and international artists, the S.A wants to establish an ongoing dialogue with the society through different perspectives offered by the Contemporary Art.


Led by Javier Bravo, "known lawyer, who has maintained for decades close personal and professional relationships in the world of European Spanish contemporary art ", the S.A, "a new exhibition space in Madrid with the aim of bringing Contemporary Art at the Spanish civil society, "that is located in a large room of 15 Madrid Gran Via, with two exhibition halls and a library, says the emitted note.



According to the emitted note, Bravo will be accompanied in  this project by Ana Rico, "who with extensive experience in the coordination and project management of Contemporary Art as well as in the field of galleries and partnerships in defense of the sector," joins the project as director.


Marie Therese Michot, a lawyer involved in the project also as director, "bringing her extensive legal experience in commercial and contractual relationships"; and Rita Lopez Olivares, documentarian in charge of the SA Library, "with extensive experience in the world of books, both in sale as cataloging them", are also part of the team.



The idea "is to turn the gallery into a meeting point in the city where people can not only enjoy the exhibitions but also have access to presentations artists work, limited editions of books, club partners and special courses for collectors and book presentations on theory and aesthetics. "



S.A inaugurates on October 16th, a solo exhibition with paintings by artist Alfonso Galvan (Madrid, 1945). Moreover, in parallel, various activities will be scheduled such as presentations, artist books, club membership and specialized courses.


Finally, so far, the list of artists represented are initially compose by: Elena Blasco (Madrid, 1950), Carlos Schwartz (San Cristobal de la Laguna, Tenerife, 1966), Sofía Jack (Madrid, 1969), Juan del Junco (Jeréz de la Frontera, Cádiz, 1972) and Julio Galeote (Madrid, 1977).


Source: Arteinformado