Traces, an exhibition by rapper and artist Turay Mederic


From December 5th to February 1st , 2014, Out of Africa Gallery in Sitges (Barcelona) hosts 'Traces', an exhibition by rapper and artist Turay Mederic (Ivory Coast), an approach to street art collector .


On  December 4th  and 5th , the artist has been invited by the city of Sitges to perform an action of street art at the Espai Jove of the town, situated at Josep Soler Tasis 4 Street.


Turay Mederic was born in 1979 in Ivory Coast and with only four years he mimics the "cartoons" from cartoons and works of great masters such as Picasso, Dali or Basquiat. In 1984 he moved to Washington DC with his family and grows between musical and artistic influences of the United States. In 1995, he returns to Ivory Coast and started his training in fine arts.


It is as a rapper that Turay Mederic was known the first time. In 2003, the year of the release of "Ma route est longue", his first album, he is nominated for best rap artist Ivory Coast by MTV. He has performed in the United States, France, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal, among others.


In 1999 he was elected Best Young Artist of West Africa. In 2000, Turay Mederic gets the diploma of INSAC (Higher National Institute of Arts in Ivory Coast), and from this moment he begins to accumulate awards and diplomas within embassies and major companies in Abidjan.


Paintings by Turay Mederic attach an entire room for spontaneity that interacts with symbols of African American culture. These simplified signs and choice of materials, are collected during his travels in the street and randomly of his meetings. His polysemous signs tend towards a universal reading and "graffiti" design humanity, both on the walls of a cave as on the city.


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