Spices and Sapphires


From November 6th, the WHITE GALLERY BERLIN welcomes in its space 6 cubic meters  the exposure "Spices and Sapphires", in collaboration with VERDEAGUA ALHAJAS. The exhibition consists of over 50 unique pieces, and seeks to articulate creative coordinates of the firm, which is allied to the Madrid gallery to offer an excellent selection of the jewelry collection copyright.



Representative of Spain slow jewelry, Verdeagua proposes unique jewels against generalizing the ornaments without truth and presents its creations under the notion of jewelery as artwork. At its core is the idea of femininity, a particular interpretation of ethnic iconography and the studied sensuality of the volume of each ornament.



Travel has been, since its inception in 2007, the main inspiration for Verdeagua. Its universe is appreciated with fullness from bohemian and nomadic spirit.



Remote ethnic ornaments, original tassels or antique fabrics that stay on winding and imperfect stones, with colors ranging from the dusty to the most vibrant.



The proposal led by Blanca Berlin Gallery focuses on the visual arts and the most innovative trends in contemporary Spanish and international photography, represented both by established artists and promising talents. Occasionally open to other formats, the exhibition project expands to accommodate work of different artistic disciplines to the photographic, always taking as a reference for the selection of its exhibits the artistic excellence, creativity and originality.


Date: Opening November 6th , 2014, from 20pm


Closed: November 22nd , 2014


Address: c / Lemon, 28 28010 Madrid
Tel: 91 5429313