Lots and lots of photography in SCAN Tarragona 2014


The city of Tarragona will host until December 21st , a new edition of the festival of photography SCAN Tarragona, an international event created in 2008 by the Generalitat of Catalonia and the city of Tarragona.


The SCAN Tarragona project, led by the Fundació per la Forvm Photography, is an open and international outlook festival, which hosts multiple initiatives, public and private sources, and is characterized by the promotion of photography. To achieve this, SCAN Tarragona counts on the participation of cultural agents of the city: institutions and organizations, museums and foundations, responsible for cultural and artistic spaces and schools.


Among the projects that can be seen are brand new exhibitions as "Fotografía i Poesia Visual" on the relationship between photography and visual poetry in Spain from the sixties to today. In it, works by Eugenia Balcells, Ouka Lele, Chema Madoz, Fina Miralles, Perejaume, Jaume Plensa, Francesc Torres, Isidoro Valcarcel Medina, Manuel Vilariño and Zaj Group gather, among others.


There are also individual as "El blanco"where the Alicante photographer Ricardo Cases (Orihuela, 1971), a member of the group of Black Paper photograph from 2006, proposes a game around the idea of the representation of Africa by the West and superficial character of the eye of the traveler.


And collective works of future professional photographers like "Transitant per l'Ombra" in which particpate * Alumnes the School of Art & Design in Tarragona * (EADT) or "Geografia, territory, paisatge" a contemporary reflection on the artistic traditional genre of landscape through different points of views of emerging authors from Camp de Tarragona.


Source: Arteinformado