SUMMA Art Fair 2014


The Madrilenian SUMMA 2014 fair helds for the second year and will take place from September 18th until September 21st , in the 16 Ship of Matadero Madrid, under the artistic direction of the Spanish curator Juan de Nieves (A Coruña, 1964), who has stayed alone in charge of the project after the also Spanish curator Eva González-Sancho (Madrid, 1970) left.


De Nieves was responsible for introducing the next edition, where particular attention will be paid to Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American art, and where the galleries will again be the main protagonists of SUMMA through its general program, UP designed to Galleries with less than five years of operation, selected by the independent curator Carolina Grau (Barcelona, 1969), and cross-cutting programs curated by two other curators of proven international experience: the Spanish Gloria Moure (Barcelona, 1946) and the Greek MarinaFokidis (Thessalonica), who present in this edition a tour of the 16mm film practices from a selection of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American artists, and some look  of the south as a mental state, which gathers artists and galleries from different contexts.


Regarding the former edition, of  the 34 participating galleries, 24 will be Spanish, with almost all of them involved in the first edition. Among others, the Madrilenian Oliva Arauna, Casa Sin Fin, Marta Cervera, Max Estrella, Paula Alonso, Odalys or F2 Gallery (ex-Fucares) will return; Guillermina Caicoya and Gema Llamazares from Gijon; Angels Barcelona from Barcelona; Kir Royal fromValencia; Adora Calvo from Salamanca; and T20 from Murcia.


There is also little change among foreign galleries, counting again on the presence of Filomena Soares , Carlos Carvalho and Modulo from Lisbon, Documen Art from Buenos Aires, the Mexican Enrique Guerrero, El Museo from Bogota  together with Fernando Pradilla from Madrid of the same owner-or the Philippine Finale Art File (Makati).


Among the additions, one must distinguish among those participating for the first time, as the Madrilenian Elba Benitez and Javier Lopez ,Sicart from Barcelona, Sobering from Paris and the German Dukan (Leipzig), and the ones that werein in the UP program last year , like the Madrilenian Freijo or Casa Cuadrada from Bogota, among others. It is worth to include Estrany de la Mota from Barcelona and Mor Charpentier from Paris as some of the ones that will not participate.


Regarding the UP program, designed to galleries with less than five years of activity, the Espai Tactel from Valencia and Kubik Gallery from Portugal will participate again, while others will stand for the first time: the new gallery Area72 from Valence, EtHALL from Barcelona, Javier Silva Valladolid - in the general in 2013-, Karima Celestin from Marseilles Wolkonsky from Munich.


SUMMA wants to take firm steps in its consolidation within the Spanish scene, as they clarify in their statement. That is why "they have decided to continue the action lines of the first edition through their curated programs and professional meetings. Regarding the first, the cross section will have the before mentioned commissioners Gloria Moure and Marina Fokidis, and in the Encounters program, the curator and art critic Octavio Zaya from Canarias (Las Palmas, 1954) willguide to tackling topical issues ranging from the collecting or curating in the field of fairs and galleries to necessary reflection on the mobility of artists in the field of residences.


The transversal "16mm film" focuses on this film format which is itself a concept. It is a medium that can disappear as such and become archeology in a short time.Therefore, according to what the note explains, "the exhibition must be understood as a reflection of the artists resistance to leave an archaeological practice that keeps them tied to the place and a way of understanding (and represent) the time. "This program curated by Gloria Moure projects will be visible in this format: Ester Partegàs (La Garriga, Barcelona, ​​1972) in Christopher Grimes (Saint Monica, USA); Adria Julia (Barcelona, 1974) in Dan Gunn (Berlin); Pedro Barateiro (Almada, Portugal, 1979) Filomena Soares (Lisbon); Armando Andrade Tudela (Lima, Peru, 1975) in Elba Benitez (Madrid); João Maria Gusmão (Lisbon, Portugal, 1979) + Pedro Paiva (Lisbon, 1977) Graça Brandão (Lisbon); and Perejaume (Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona, ​​1954) in Joan Prats (Barcelona).



Finally, the cross "South is a state of mind" has as an objective "to shape the concept of the South as 'state of mind' rather than as a set of places on the map. "Its curator Marina Fokidis has collected works of João Marcal (Santarem, Portugal, 1980) in adhoc (Vigo); Juan Jose Martin Andres (Soria, 1978) in Aural (Alicante); Sandra Gamarra (Lima, Peru, 1972) in Juana of Aizpuru (Madrid); Sandra Vasquez de la Horra (Viña del Mar, Chile, 1967) in Senda (Barcelona); Luigi Presicce (Porto Cesareo, Italy, 1976) in Bianconi (Milan); and Ruben Guerrero (Utrera, Sevilla, 1976) in Luis Adelantado (Valencia).