Art time for Excellencies

The twentieth edition of Art Time for Excellencies has it place, because of the  each day more protagonist and increasingly relevance that we give to Art and Culture in the brotherhood between the people of the region, and how to regenerate our societies from the raising  of spirit and quality of life.


The Excellencies Group proposed to open these pages to the befall of contemporary art and culture, and therefore vibrate here a huge reconstruction of a historic theater, in a country where more than twenty theaters were repaired over economic issue- and the overwhelming success of contemporary dance and jazz musicians trained in Cuba in the most dissimilar European stages; as well as the arrival in Havana of relevant figures for the world circus for the CIRCUBA days.


We do it with the same conviction we have on each Caribbean Culture Festival, and this time we present here the new Excellences magazine of the Caribbean, and proposed covers this twentieth edition, with the Master Alberto Lescay and the Caguayo Foundation in Santiago de Cuba, the Hero City; as we have launched the campaing 365 Santiago,  to give a daily monitoring from our publications and online portals to its 500th anniversary.


We will, as we broadcast to our readers the rebirth of Baracoa, Trinidad, Camaguey, Santi Spiritus, the first villages founded in Cuba; and in the same way the Authentic Cuba continues having a festival and an event one after another, so it is already preparing the great feast of the arts for the New Festival "Habanarte", followed by the Chamber Music Festival "Leo Brouwer."


And October welcomes the National Theater Festival in Camagüey. And November the International Jazz Plaza Festival in Havana. We will support the premonitory words, pronounced by Julian Gonzalez Toledo, new Minister of Culture of the Republic of Cuba, at the  Trompo Loco carp almost one year ago: "Let them come and see us ... come and see with your own eyes to Cuba is the most important thing. From art and culture we can nurture the development of a new human being. "