• Back to paradise

    Rolando Vázquez

    The intellectual and artistic production of Rolando Vazquez (Havana, 1969) represents one of the wisest means to presently study our Cuban identity. His birth, in late 1960s, marked the end of a...
    12 / September - 12 / January / 2013

    Alejandro Gómez Cangas

    Las abstractas figuraciones de Alejandro Gómez1 Por Héctor Antón Castillo   Desde las acumulaciones objetuales de Arman, los inventarios fotográficos de...
    27 / April - 27 / July / 2012
  • Empathy

    Guillermo Jones

    In this world in which war pledges peace, torture promises security, repression means freedom and some people's famine renders in wealth for others, day after day we watch tender figures that...
    21 / February - 21 / March / 2012
  • Masks

    Manuel López Oliva

    Lopez Oliva: the poetic art of displacement Kirenia Rodriguez Puerto […] The declaration of a vast knowledge system pointed out by the artist, the search for signal plurality in his work...
    14 / September - 14 / November / 2011